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About Irina Toma

“My passion for beauty, for art and my desire of creating something through my own talent represents the engine of my life. My mission and also my biggest satisfaction is the smile of my client. I love working with people, helping them to evolve, to discover their true voice, image, their authentic self ” Irina

Irina had a colourful childhood, supported by her parents to develop her creative abilities. She attended painting, drawing and ballet courses; she spent most of her leisure time in nature, getting inspired by it. She inherited her great grandmother’s talent for handmade creations and nurtured it by being her apprentice at manually sewing traditional Romanian costumes. Irina considers herself very lucky for her Romanian traditional legacy.

As the years passed, although working in a multinational environment, in economical and banking system, she never let go of her true passion. For more than 6 years, Irina practices her talent through activities like: trainer for creative activities with kids, trainer at “(Pampering Workshop” -Atelierul de Rasfat” (a personal style workshop in Bucharest), Life&Business Coach, Personal Style Coach and Designer at her own fashion design company (Duran Art) – where she creates unique made-to-measure clothing for her clients.

Irina is now entirely dedicated to her mission and works closely with Noble Manhattan Coaching in delivering the Colour-Coaching Course.

“I always get very excited when I have the chance to make a difference other’s people lives. I love working with Noble Manhattan for this course, where I can help women discover their true-self, their inner style and mission, their message to the world. Whether we like it or not, the way we look, talk and behave has a great impact on those around us. Why not discover your authentic self and why not learn how to use it and promote it? This course can help you with this and I am sure you will not regret a minute of it! You are the most important person in your life! Value yourself and invest in yourself!”

About Mandy Ellesmere

“When you have self-confidence, the world bows to greet you, and attracts you to the people, the places and the things that your heart desires” Mandy

Mandy spent her “colourful” childhood in West London during the 70’s and in Wiltshire during the 80’s. She now lives in a beautiful village in Oxfordshire and is married to a Welshman and has two wonderful teenagers.

Mandy’s childhood was very eventful to say the least, and overcoming many challenges, including a year and half of total blindness at the age of fourteen, shaped her strength of character and positive outlook on life. Witnessing her Mother losing her self worth and self-esteem at the hands of her father had the most profound effect on her and was to determine her career path. She has set up several successful businesses and all of her varied roles have embodied personal development and empowering individuals to have self love, self belief, confidence and self esteem. Mandy trained as a Colour, Style and Image Consultant over 20 years ago and is also a qualified Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Confidence and Self-Esteem Coach.

“My passion for Colour, Style and Fashion started at a very young age. From the age of seven I would accompany my father to women’s fashion warehouses in London, where he would buy stock in bulk to sell in his shops. I loved the smell of new garments, freshly unpacked out of huge boxes from around the world. One of my lasting memories, is that of the texture and smell of “cheesecloth”, which came into fashion mid 70’s and which my father bought in lorry loads, thinking that it was going to make him his fortune, needless to say, it did not!!”

I am delighted to join with Noble Manhattan to bring you the “Confidence through Colour” course this Summer and the “Confidence through Style” course in the Autumn, as well as a series of Confidence and Image courses next year. These courses are designed to boost your confidence and self esteem through learning how to use colour, style and Image to enhance your individual and unique beauty so that you can look and feel wonderful and portray a confident image in every situation, regardless of your shape, colour or size How we look and feel effects how others perceive us and can help us to either achieve our goals and dreams or sabotage our efforts.

I firmly believe that having self confidence, self esteem and connecting with our personal power is the cornerstone to our happiness, without it we are crippled in so many ways and destined to a life of mediocrity. In all of my roles over the past 20 years, my passion has been to empower others to believe that they can be, do or have anything that their heart desires. Colour Coaching allows me to continue with this passion and I look forward to joining you on your colourful and stylish self-development journey! “

About Andreea Granger – Professional Hairstylist

Andreea Granger - Hair stylistMy motto ”Experience your true natural beauty!”

I have 14 years experience in my field.

My vast experience and the trainings that I am being part of are ongoing and I have learned from the best. TONY & GUY, Academie d’Esthetique Nouvelle, Kemon, SCHWARZKOPF in Vienn, Budapest, London and Prague and not the least: ALFAPARF Milan.

I have a creative soul and my approach is one oriented towards the client. I like to be curious about my client to search deep for her personal style and begin from there.

About Andreea Badarau – Professional Make-up Artist

Andreea Badarau - Make-up ArtistHi everyone!

My name is Andreea Badarau and I’ll be your make-up consultant for the most outstanding tips and tricks. My mission is to drive you into the beautiful world of the good make-up.

A few words about me:

I’m a make-up artist and I had the chance to learn from one of the best MUA Schools. My biggest hobby is drawing and painting, which I’ve developed since childhood. So, in other words, I’m linked with colors in many ways. Colors literally run through my veins.

My purpose is to deliver you an exceptional and interactive make-up experience, from which you can extract the most suitable information for you and your clients and apply it accordingly.

The main goal for me is to share the love for color and to show the importance of using it properly in make-up in order to help you build your personal brand. Don’t forget, you are your own image!

I’m looking forward to meet you and answer all your questions!

About Noble Manhattan Coaching

Noble Manhattan Coaching founded in 1993, has its international administration centre based in the subtropical paradise known as Weymouth on the south coast of the UK where a dedicated team remain at your service. However Noble Manhattan has many offices around the world and are currently trading in 26 countries throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australasia and Africa.

As well-established leaders in the field of Coach Training and personal development we have, for years, worked with both individuals and companies to raise their level of self-empowerment and achievement. This is achieved through the delivery of both NLP and Life Coach Training programmes.

Our motto is “fortune favours the prepared mind” and all of our courses, presentations and products are aimed at providing you with the mindset you need to make the most of the life ahead of you. We firmly believe everyone has the ability to be, do and have anything they desire. So if you have the willingness to learn we can provide the rest.

Our mission statement…

To assist people in identifying their hidden resources and releasing these to their full potential in order that the person may achieve everything that they desire in life – physically, emotionally, financially and professionally. To enable them to recognise the path they want to take and the aims they wish to fulfil, and then to equip them with the knowledge, skills and means by which they will accomplish these aims.

Attending this unique and extraordinary ” Confidence through Colour” one-day course will give you the skills, the knowledge, the techniques, and the ability to face the world in any situation and appear confident, centred, and extremely capable. The results that this will bring will be nothing short of miraculous.

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