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Style builds self – confidence

- 1 step, 1 rule and 1 exercise on building self-confidence with Style - Why not start with Coco Chanel saying: “Fashion fades, while style is eternal”? With these words began my journey towards Personal Style and Image Coaching area. As time went by I have met many people seeking to act and do things according to their personal style; more and more people who start refusing their status of just being a part of the “system” (no matter what [...]

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Live a Colourful Life through Colour Coaching!

Understanding how and why Colour Coaching can enhance your life through helping you to make the best colour choices is worth finding out about! Without it, even the simple task of choosing what clothes to wear can sometimes take you forever, and even then you may not be sure that they are really right for you. Colour analysis plays a large part in every area of our lives: from waking up in the morning and looking at the sky, to [...]

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