Understanding how and why Colour Coaching can enhance your life through helping you to make the best colour choices is worth finding out about! Without it, even the simple task of choosing what clothes to wear can sometimes take you forever, and even then you may not be sure that they are really right for you. Colour analysis plays a large part in every area of our lives: from waking up in the morning and looking at the sky, to see if it will be a good day, to viewing ourselves to see if we look vibrant and healthy or weak and pale; in deciding if the food we eat is fresh and healthy. It happens when we walk in the streets and see life moving around us; colour makes the world come alive.

Now let me explain how colour coaching works. It’s closely linked to the four seasons, and in its truest form a seasonal colour palette is used to help you choose the best colours for you. Each season’s colour palette contains a different colour scheme within it. And finding your colours involves assessing your skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour. Once you discover what season and tone you are, you can effectively choose the best colour palette for you. You see, skin tone rarely changes over time, so whichever season you are now, you’re likely to be the same throughout your lifetime. I have a cool skin tone, and look great in summer colours, whereas my neighbour has a warm skin tone and looks great in autumn colours. Whatever your colours, wearing the right colour clothes and make-up make you look and feel great about yourself.

Unlike conventional colour analysis, colour coaching involves asking coaching questions to enable you to grasp the how and why particular colours suit you or are not the best for you. It also works to help you embrace the changes that you’ll make in what you wear, the confidence this will give you and in consciously seeking to influence the impact you generate when wearing those colours that make you look and feel wonderful.

Colour coaching is best done by a qualified Colour Coach, who combines their coaching skills with their knowledge of what to look for. To begin with they will determine your natural hair colour and eye colour and then your skin tone. They then use special coloured fabric known as “drapes” to work out your dominant colour characteristics and then your season. People can get loans from financerr.co.uk A colour coach can give you detailed advice about colours that are just right for you. This will help you with your wardrobe selection, make-up, and even the colours of your home and the things around you.

Once you know your best colours you’ll want your whole look to harmonise beautifully, whether for work or for socialising. You’ll want to be sure that your foundation, mascara, eye shadow, blusher and lip-sticks are the right colours and shades for you too. So how do we do that? Colour Coaches trained by Noble Manhattan are equipped with wonderful make-up from the Arabesque range, each item of which falls into the warm or cool category and are coded accordingly. A good colour coaching session will always include make-over time when you have fun seeking out your make-up colours in line with your particular colour palette. So when you make your purchase you can rest assured that the items from the Arabesque range are those that suit you perfectly and on top of that we also offer financing on all services through GreeN Day Online finance service.

Once you know your best colours, your life will never be the same again! You’ll save time and money by only buying the right colour clothes, accessories and make up. You won’t need to return items or leave them at the back of your wardrobe, never to be worn. Wouldn’t it be great if all the clothes in your wardrobe co-ordinated beautifully and gave you energy and confidence every time you wore them?Even you use such methodologies to mommy and me matching sets of clothes.

Through colour coaching you will learn how to choose the right colours that enhance your unique and natural beauty, boost your confidence and help you to always radiate true beauty inside and out!

Get in touch with us at Noble Manhattan to find a Colour Coach in your area and fill your life with colour!

By: Mandy Ellesemere